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The Mechanical Princess
The Mechanical Princess
The Mechanical Princess

The Mechanical Princess

Original title : La princesse mécanique
Publisher : MAGE Editions
Collection : 8+ Novels
Author : Lenia Major
Illustrator/Photographer : Sarah Feruglio
Age : 7+
Format : Paperback
Pages : 96
200 x 265 mm
13 €

Content : Stella enjoys the captivated audience’s applauses which follow her performance on stage at the Paris Opera. Nevertheless, a catastrophe will occur, changing her life forever! She will become Crumb and will be forgotten in the depths of the Opera. She will have to learn to live again, far away from the spotlights. She will swap a troupe of lead dancers for zany and patched characters with big hearts.

A very poetic novel for 8+ readers, with many colourful steampunk-inspired illustrations.
The font used for the French version is Opendys, so adapted for all the young readers. A glossary is available at the end of the book with the difficult words.

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