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Birdz of Prey
Birdz of Prey
Birdz of Prey
Birdz of Prey
Birdz of Prey

Birdz of Prey

Original title : Z'oiseaux de proie
Publisher : La poule qui pond
Collection : Birdz
Author : Christine Flament
Illustrator/Photographer : Christine Flament
Age : 4+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 52
225 x 207 mm
16.50 €

Content : Milan, golden eagle, barn owl, vultures... Discover birds of prey in their natural living thanks to a fun game of hide and seek between the pages.
With beautiful black and white illustrations, very realistic, that allows a real highlight on the birds, that are in colours.
A picture book that is also informative: each double-page is the occasion for children to learn more about each bird represented in the book.
And there is always a little surprise on the very last double-page…

Following Garden Birdz and Water Birdz, this is the third volume on birds written and illustrated by Christine Flament.

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