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Original title : La biodiversité
Publisher : La poule qui pond
Collection : Future Worlds Documentaries
Author : Journal Albert
Illustrator/Photographer : Yohan Colombié-Vivès
Age : 9+
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 88
200 x 260 mm
15 €

Content : Destruction of habitats, pollution, global warming: a million living species are now threatened with extinction, from insects to large mammals, including birds and plants. Today, biodiversity has become an essential subject in our society and its safeguard represents a major challenge to be taken up in the years to come.

Developed by the newspaper "Albert", "Future Worlds" is a series of illustrated documentaries which focuses on the important themes children can see in the 21st century news. Each book helps them understand and grasp all the issues at stake.

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