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Original title : Capricieuse
Publisher : MAGE Editions
Collection : Good Night Fairy Tales
Author : Margot Aguerre
Illustrator/Photographer : Sarah Feruglio
Age : 3+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 44
21 x 21 cm
13 €

Content : During her holidays, Capricious is invited by her godmother Felicie. Nevertheless, nothing happens as it should have! The other children refuse to play along with her and leave her alone in the middle of the park. Looking for an adventure, the little girl then decides to go and explore the manor’s attic. This is when she discovers a magic mirror…
For the French version, Opendys font was used for the text, to ease reading for all children. Spaces between the words and the lines are larger than usual, to make reading comfortable to everyone. Difficult words are in colours to recognize them more easily.

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