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Raoul's Anger
Raoul's Anger
Raoul's Anger

Raoul's Anger

Original title : La colère de Raoul
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : The Estate of Friends
Author : Christine Palluy
Illustrator/Photographer : Mathilde George
Age : 6+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Flexi-cover
Pages : 32
140 x 190 mm
5.20 €

Content : Has Raoul - the sweet doggie - become a mean dog?
This morning, Raoul, the guardian's dog runs like mad in the street, knocks over everything in his path, scares passers-by ... But what's wrong with him? It is his faithful friend Billy who will finally figure out what is happening.

Welcome to the Estate of Friends, a multi-level series. 4 levels of readings, following the children’s progresses.
This book is a level 1.

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