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The Valley of Honey
The Valley of Honey
The Valley of Honey

The Valley of Honey

Original title : La Vallée du miel
Collection : Lila
Author : Caroline Fournier
Illustrator/Photographer : Carolane Storm
Age : 4+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 48
165 x 240
15 €

Content : It is spring ! But the bees are threatened ... Queen Waoudor and her friend Atchablessya can no longer get rid of the powerful Chemikugly. He empties the beehives with his thick cloud of pesticides. Fortunately, Lila and her friend Celestin are quickly alerted. Together, they will try to save the kingdom of Waoudor.
This is the second picture book in the "Lila" collection, stories of a little girl with superpowers. Each time she goes out with her two mums, she is thrown into an ecological and fantastic adventure.

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