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My Icy Shyness
My Icy Shyness
My Icy Shyness

My Icy Shyness

Original title : Ma timidité de glace
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : My Peaceful Stories
Author : Héloïse Junier
Illustrator/Photographer : Carole Xénard
Age : 2+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
210 x 210 mm
11.90 €

Content : Who jumps in puddles and tells stories? Elia, of course! But far from her cocoon, Elia's shyness turns her into a statue of ice... Until the day a fantastic meeting will change everything. A sweet story to help your child overcome his shyness, accompanied by insights and advice for parents.

A few lines have sections between square brackets in order for parents to better adapt the story to their own child.

Héloïse Junier, best-selling author and child psychologist, supports families. She thought of this collection to help young children and their parents through the great moments and through everyday life worries.

Two levels of reading:
- Classic one, for children 2+
- Strategic one, for children 3-4 and + : parents are inviting their children to answer the questions in grey below some of the pages.

Rights sold: Romanian.

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