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Atlas of Utopias
Atlas of Utopias
Atlas of Utopias
Atlas of Utopias

Atlas of Utopias

Original title : Atlas des utopies
Collection : Atlas
Author : Ophelie Chavaroche, Jean-Michel Billioud
Category : Photo books
Format : Hard cover with jacket
Pages : 256
230 x 297 mm
34.90 €

Content : “A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at.” Oscar Wilde
Things are impossible until they become reality. This beautiful book breaks through all the limits of imagination and changes utopia into a source of inspiration thanks to numerous photos, maps and plans. A waking dream of 256 pages, divided in six chapters.
- Looking for an Ideal Place. From Atlantis to Wakanda, imaginary places or place to dream of.
- Utopiapolis. When utopia takes control of the urban landscape.
- Reshape the world. The republic of pirates, 1793 Constitution, May 68… Social, political or civilisational utopias are immortal.
- Laboratories of utopias. Ideal communities past or present, crazy projects under progress, unthinkable successes… Utopians experiments can be found under numerous forms.
- Science and fiction. When technological dreams come to life.
- Utopias Carriers. “They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.”: illustrating with texts and images of the famous quotation by Mark Twain to enlighten the men and women bearers of the utopian flame.

Rights sold: German language.

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