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A Birthday like No Other!
A Birthday like No Other!

A Birthday like No Other!

Original title : Un anniversaire pas comme les autres
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Noemi Brushwood
Author : Ingrid Chabbert
Illustrator/Photographer : Lili La Baleine
Age : 6+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Paperback
Pages : 32
143 x 190 mm
5.20 €

Content : Today, it is Noémie's birthday, and Celeste points out her ugly big eyebrows. Noémie decides that from now on her name would be Noemi Brushwood. And also from now on, she will help those who need her!

First Readings - level 2 accompanies children from 6/7 year-old with a real intrigue, divided into
chapters to take breaks. The book also includes a little dictionary to enrich their vocabulary, and
educational and fun bonuses to pursue the pleasure of reading.