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Ink Journeys – China’s Log Books (2005-2013)

Ink Journeys – China’s Log Books (2005-2013)

Original title : Voyages d’encre - Carnets de Chine (2005-2013)
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Travel Books
Author : Simon
Illustrator/Photographer : Simon
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 240
290 x 360 mm
49.00 €

Content : “I fell in the inkpot when I was a child, and my taste for travel did the rest. Wherever I go, I draw and I write; it is my way of walking.” These words by the author – captivated by Asia- resound in this ode to China, written in a complete freedom. Alone, with friends or with family, he travelled in 10 provinces in 8 years. This book is an ode to the time in China. The time he shared with places and people. Thanks to his technique with inks, his drawings are moving, are full of vitality but also full of exactness. Made from around 30 log books, this title is a compilation of Simon’s drawings but also anecdotes, humour and poetic stories.

Grand Prix Michelin Foundation 2015 (rewarding the best travel log).
Pierre Loti Award 2016 (rewarding a travel writing along the same line as Loti, naval officer, writer and traveler).

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