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The Sea
The Sea
The Sea

The Sea

Original title : La mer
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Wild Life Imagery Books
Author : Madeleine Deny
Illustrator/Photographer : Katerina Bazantova
Age : 1+
Category : Board books
Format : Board book
Pages : 20
230 x 230 mm
14.95 €

Content : The series: With its cut-outs and cheerful illustrations, this new collection introduces toddlers to the wonders of nature and arouses their curiosity. Each book is printed in Europe with inks without cobalt or mineral oil, and on 100% recycled cardboard.

The book: Watch the calf leap out of the water! And there, large seashells. Turn the page… here is the well-behaved octopus. Go to sea with this beautiful openwork imgary book, meet wild animals and plants, learn their names and their secrets.

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