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Draw me a Mammoth!
Draw me a Mammoth!
Draw me a Mammoth!

Draw me a Mammoth!

Original title : Dessine-moi un mammouth !
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Welcome to Prehistoric Cave
Author : Pascal Brissy
Illustrator/Photographer : Yannick Robert
Age : 5+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Paperback with Flaps
Pages : 32
142 x 190 mm
5.20 €

Content : With Tam-Tam and Lili, draw on the walls... of the caves! Today, the children of first grade will learn how to draw! What better idea than to illustrate the adventures of the day?

First Readings – Level 1 accompany children from the beginning of first grade with a real adventure, in a few words, to take their first steps as confident readers. The book also includes a small dictionary to enrich their vocabulary, and educational and fun bonuses to pursue the pleasure of reading.