Cat on a Book

Don’t Touch my Cushion!
Don’t Touch my Cushion!
Don’t Touch my Cushion!

Don’t Touch my Cushion!

Original title : Pas touche à mon coussin !
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Me, Therese Meow
Author : Gérard Moncomble
Illustrator/Photographer : Frédéric Pillot
Age : 6+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 32
143 x 192 mm
5.30 €

Content : Eh? Is my cushion dirty? So what ? If I do like it full of hair! Nothing to bother me about. But they are taking it away from me! They hide it from me! So, I go out. Outside, it is even worse!

Discover the life of Therese, a unique cat that will tell you everything about what she loves and what she hates!
First Readings - level 2 accompanies children from 6/7 year-old with a real intrigue, divided into chapters to take breaks. The book also includes a little dictionary to enrich their vocabulary, and educational and fun bonuses to pursue the pleasure of reading.

Rights of the series sold: Italian, Irish, Russian, Ukrainian.

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