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Team Spirit
Team Spirit
Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Original title : Esprit d'équipe
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Football Girls
Author : Lilas Nord
Illustrator/Photographer : Nicolas Trève
Age : 7+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 48
140 x 190 mm
5.60 €

Content : Mia selects players to build her football team. She finds many enthusiastic volunteers, but not necessarily gifted or skilled in football... Some run in the wrong direction, others pass the ball by hand like in rugby... Desperate at first, Mia discovers interesting qualities in each one, a dancer with impressive spring, a cheeky monkey who won't let go of anything on the field. ... She decides to select them as they are: it is by forming a team that they will progress.

First Readings – Level 4 accompany children in first grade and second grade with a real plot, divided into chapters to take breaks, a little dictionary to enrich their vocabulary, and a documentary file on the theme of the book.

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