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Reda and the Lost Tooth
Reda and the Lost Tooth
Reda and the Lost Tooth

Reda and the Lost Tooth

Original title : Réda et la dent perdue
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Mrs. Pafo’s Classroom
Author : Stéphanie Fau and Sophie Laroche
Illustrator/Photographer : Lili La Baleine
Age : 6-7+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Flexi-cover
Pages : 48
140 x 190 mm
5.20 €

Content : Reda loves being first. His friends know that he loves challenges and that he experiments with everything. However, today, Malo is the one who lost a tooth first. Such bad luck! And other children will soon follow. Why? It is because Reda will keep his baby teeth?

An ideal series to accompany the beginner reader thanks to a two-level story: the reader chooses his reading path ("level 1" beginner or "level 2" challenge) and progresses at his own pace. Books designed by: a teacher of first grade; a youth writer, and an illustrator herself a former school teacher! To combine learning to read with the pleasure of immersion in a story.

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