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I Listened to the Alps
I Listened to the Alps
I Listened to the Alps
I Listened to the Alps

I Listened to the Alps

Original title : J'ai écouté les Alpes
Author : Nicolas Crunchant
Category : France, Photo books, World
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 240
220 x 240 mm
24.90 €

Content : A journey through the Alps with a mountain guide to understand the effects of global warming.

In the mountains, climate change is going twice as fast as elsewhere and its effects are devastating. Cracks are forming in mountain peaks. Rocks are beginning to break off. Landslides are becoming increasingly frequent. Entire rock faces are crumbling. Eco-systems are disrupted. In a 1,500 km journey from the South of France to Slovenia (going through Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland), Nicolas Crunchant - mountain guide for nearly 30 years - wanted to see and listen to the lament of the Alps. He interviewed park and refuge wardens, scientists and mountain enthusiasts. His testimonial book tackles the issue of climate change in the Alps from various perspectives and warns readers about the looming disaster at the height of our inaction.

Introduction by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

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