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Gwen Wolf and the Monstrous Anger
Gwen Wolf and the Monstrous Anger

Gwen Wolf and the Monstrous Anger

Original title : Marylou Garou et la colère monstrueuse
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Welcome to the Monstrovillage!
Author : Camille Masson
Illustrator/Photographer : Sess
Age : 4+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
210 x 210 mm
13.95 €

Content : Gwen's family goes shopping at the Hell Market. Between the poison and rotten fruit aisles, what does she see? The incredible Zombinette doll that all her friends at school are talking about! The little she-wolf would love to put her in the cart, but her parents protest: it is not her birthday! So Gwen goes into a monstrous rage...
What will Gwen do? That is for the children to decide!

Welcome to the Monstrovillage, a place where the little monsters are experiencing great emotions, and they need help!
A new collection of wacky, interactive picture books to help children manage their emotions.
With a humorous, "monstrous" universe in which they are quickly immersed thanks to the illustrations. A multiple-choice story in which they can choose the outcome to help them better understand their emotions. At the end of the book, detailed explanations of each chosen situation are available in the form of a mind map, along with advice on how to manage emotions, and suggestions for dialogue with parents.

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