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Tchang, Master Pyrotechnist
Tchang, Master Pyrotechnist
Tchang, Master Pyrotechnist

Tchang, Master Pyrotechnist

Original title : Tchang, maître artificier
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Akinomé for children
Author : Mélanie Mignot
Illustrator/Photographer : Mélanie Mignot
Age : 3+
Category : Picture books
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 24
226 x 168 mm
11.50 €

Content : Meet Tchang, master pyrotechnist in the ancestral China. He lends his skills to the community and offers wonderful shows full of amazing colours! Children of the village love to watch Tchang when he is working and they are amazed by his mastery.

When Tchang gets sick, the children decide to ask him to teach them how to shoot fireworks. It is the beginning of a new adventure.

A wonderful story on the transmission of knowledge and techniques, in a time when we leave technology do everything. So his Art is not lost if something happens to him, Tchang decides to pass down his passion to the new generation.

Thanks to Tchang, readers discover an ancestral Chinese tradition, and beautiful fireworks!

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