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The Citizen Game

The Citizen Game

Original title : Le jeu du citoyen
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Nice Training
Author : Aïcha Tarek, Adrien Siroy
Age : 9-11
Format : Box + 120 cards + 5 rules
148 x 95 mm
9.95 €

Content : A game to practice while having fun!
With this game, children from 9 to 11 will be able to learn to live together while having fun.

A game adapted to all the situations.
Thanks to the 120 cards in the box, the child will be able to play 5 different games, accompanied by his parents or his friends. From 2 to 6 players.

A progressive and playful learning
Thanks to the cards' different levels of difficulty, the child can learn and progress at his own pace. As he progresses, he discovers new visuals on the cards of higher difficulty.

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