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Mission: Volcano
Mission: Volcano

Mission: Volcano

Original title : Mission volcan !
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : The Class Gamebook where you are the Hero
Author : Lilas Nord
Illustrator/Photographer : Medhi Doigts
Age : 6/7+
Format : Flexi-cover
Pages : 48
140 x 190 mm
5.95 €

Content : In this series, you are the hero or heroine of the story: you must make the right choices to save the teacher of your first grade class in a journey full of surprises!

A visit to the volcano park with your class has gone wrong: your teacher has plunged into a burning crater model! And who is going to save him? You, of course! Thanks to your special suit, you are thrown into the heart of a volcano. And do not dare get burned or witness a volcanic eruption. It is up to you!

Rights of the series sold: Turkish.

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