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Gyo's Spring
Gyo's Spring
Gyo's Spring
Gyo's Spring

Gyo's Spring

Original title : Le printemps de Gyô
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Akinomé for children
Author : Aude Hage
Illustrator/Photographer : Carole Fritsch
Age : 5+
Category : Craft, Picture books
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 56
220 x 210 mm
14.95 €

Content : Gyo is a smart little boy who lives in a Shinto temple in Japan. One morning at the temple, he accidentally breaks a vase and goes hiding in the forest, afraid his father would scold him. There, he meets Baba-san, the great Kami spirit. She offers Gyo to amend for his mistake, by bringing back her precious fan that the mischievous kitsune took her. Without it, she cannot make Spring comes back!
Gyo will face his fears and prove how clever and crafty he is. His courage will bring him success into his mission, and thanks to the help of a crane, he gets the fan back. Spring comes back, the seasons are saved.

At the end of the book, DIY activities to do with paper are suggested to the children, with step by step instructions (Baba-san’s fan, masks for Setsubun, how to do a crane in origami).
A few paper sheets are available to realize them.

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