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Nao’s Origamis
Nao’s Origamis
Nao’s Origamis
Nao’s Origamis

Nao’s Origamis

Original title : Nao et ses origamis
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Creative picture books
Author : Céline Lavignette-Ammoun
Illustrator/Photographer : Baptistine Mésange
Age : 5+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 56
220 x 210 mm
14.95 €

Content : Every evening, Nao looks at people’s lives at the window. Behind the shadows, the little boy imagines beautiful stories. Who is this nice silhouette behind the curtains?
This is how Nao’s story begins. To reach this new silhouette, he will create animals in paper: cat, fish, bird, frog… At the end of the book, short tutorials explains how to make Nao’s origamis. In addition, six nice and colourful paper sheets are available.

A beautiful picture book for children from 4 year-old, with DIY activities at the end.
A poetic text with boredom as the main subject, and also children making new, different, friends.

Rights sold: Spanish worldwide.

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