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In My Furoshiki...
In My Furoshiki...
In My Furoshiki...
In My Furoshiki...

In My Furoshiki...

Original title : Dans mon Furoshiki
Collection : A Sunday Afternoon with the Family
Author : Aurélie Le Marec
Illustrator/Photographer : Sayaka Abe
Age : 4+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
215 x 215 mm
12.90 €

Content : What is a furoshiki? Is it useful?
Throughout this children story, readers will discover what a furoshiki is, its history and how it can be used.

Children will learn in a playful way how to fold pieces of fabric so they become really convenient, thanks to the main character Anouk and her friends. 8 different folding patterns are available, with step by step schemas.

Furoshiki are ecologic, economic, easy... ideal allies in the everyday life, and for a zero waste approach. Anouk and her friends will show that it can have many purposes within a day: at the park, the library, at home, and as a gift wrap!

This book mixes the story with teaching methods It is rich of multicultural and intergenerational values.

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