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China - Private Notebook, Between Roars and Poetry

China - Private Notebook, Between Roars and Poetry

Original title : Chine - Carnet intime, Entre fracas et poésie
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Little Travel Diaries
Author : Audrey Marcaggi
Illustrator/Photographer : Audrey Marcaggi
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 112
155 x 205 mm
14.90 €

Content : Words and colours of a travelling painter.
This collection explores a unique and original aspect of a country through the eyes of an artist.

In this travel book, Audrey Marcaggi tells the story of her first long trip to China, country she dreamt of during her childhood. This book is an invitation to meet the country as a person, in four times, from first meeting to goodbyes.
Fascinated by cultural differences, the artist paints with Indian ink her everyday life, to create a link, to tell these pieces of life to those who do not know the country.

A successful series: spotlight on endearing and authentic encounters, traditions, the country through the daily lives of locals.

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