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Japan - Zen Walk
Japan - Zen Walk
Japan - Zen Walk
Japan - Zen Walk

Japan - Zen Walk

Original title : Japon - Balade Zen
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Little Travel Diaries
Author : Anne Terral
Illustrator/Photographer : Michèle Adaoust
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 112
155 x 205 mm
14.90 €

Content : Words and colours of a travelling painter.
This collection is loyal to the humanist values that are the opening to the world and the quest for meaning. It explores a unique and original aspect of a country through the eyes of an artist.
For the watercolourist Michèle Adaoust and the writer Anne Terral, it is zen Japan. They show readers a range of believes and of rituals deeply linked to the nature, by wandering in the temples, in the gardens of moss or minerals, surrounded by lanterns, gingkoes and kami…

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