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The Water Drop’s Journey

The Water Drop’s Journey

Original title : Le voyage de la goutte d'eau
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Tales of Nature
Author : Gilles Diederichs
Illustrator/Photographer : Violaine Costa
Age : 3+
Format : Hard cover with CD
Pages : 32
217 x 217 mm
13.90 €

Content : Tonight, it's raining on the blue mountain. Droplet, a tiny drop of water, falls from its cloud. Will she find her way to the great ocean? Stream, river, river… Follow her on her incredible journey!

Between picture books and first documentaries, the "Tales of Nature" educate children about the wonders of nature with a CD containing the tale read and recorded natural sounds (rain, wind, animals, etc.), but also with relaxation inspired by the element at the heart of the tale, to gently end the story.

Rights sold: Chinese (Simplified), Hungarian, Turkish.

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