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The Birds' Dance
The Birds' Dance
The Birds' Dance

The Birds' Dance

Original title : Le bal des oiseaux
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Tales of Nature
Author : Gilles Diederichs
Illustrator/Photographer : Violaine Costa
Age : 3+
Format : Hard cover with CD
Pages : 32
217 x 217 mm
13.90 €

Content : Winter is tiptoeing in: it is time for Pioupy the starling to travel to the Hot Country. Bad luck, he misses the departure and his family flies away without him! With the help of Bianca, the song thrush, he intends to find his family at the Great Birds’ Dance.

A melodious tale to fly away with migratory birds.

CD optional. Also available as a QR code.

Rights sold: Greek.

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