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Original title : Superaliments
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Cooking & Me
Author : Joelma Leitao
Illustrator/Photographer : Joelma Leitao
Category : Cooking
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 144
210 x 210 mm
25.00 €

Content : This cooking title offers 60 recipes: 15 per season. The idea is to constitute complete meals by seeing what is in the plate as a mandala. To all the readers who want to eat healthily, Joelma offers her own culinary creations: cereals, legumes, vegetables and crudités, seasonings and oleaginous’ roe.
Her “all in one” plates or bowls are composed of super ingredients benefiting health. Naturopath and specialists of natural medicine already know them all.
Joelma’s cooking is intuitive and very creative. Amazonian forest is her source of inspiration. There she takes all her energy and some of her super ingredients.
Today she lives in Paris’ suburbs where she can find all the organic ingredients she uses for her recipes.

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