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The Polluters Gang
The Polluters Gang
The Polluters Gang

The Polluters Gang

Original title : Le gang des pollueurs
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : The Tip-Top’s Investigations
Author : Christine Palluy
Illustrator/Photographer : Raymond Sébastien
Age : 7+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 48
143 x 190 mm
5.60 €

Content : A mysterious gang is trying to blackmail the Prime Minister! Fortunately, the Tip-Top always get ahead of… the criminals!

The Prime Minister has chosen the lounges of the Grand Hotel to make an important announcement on television: he is going to close a super polluting factory. But the Tip-Tops discover that criminal polluters are hiding in the hotel and threatening the Prime Minister. There is no time to lose!

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