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Anti-Gangster Mission
Anti-Gangster Mission
Anti-Gangster Mission

Anti-Gangster Mission

Original title : Mission anti-gangster
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : The Tip-Top’s Investigations
Author : Christine Palluy
Illustrator/Photographer : Raymond Sébastien
Age : 7+
Category : Novels 6-7+
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 48
143 x 190 mm
5.60 €

Content : No candy for spies!
The Grand Hotel hosts the confectioners' lounge in its gardens. The event has plenty to delight the Tip-Tops... But a strange message discovered by the detectives puts them on the trail of a spy plot that is raging in the hotel. There is never a respite for the Tip-Tops!

First Readings - Level 4 accompany children in first and second grades with a real plot, divided into chapters to take breaks, a little dictionary to enrich their vocabulary, and a documentary on the theme of the book.

Rights sold: Turkish.

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