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Sabotage at the Moon Circus
Sabotage at the Moon Circus
Sabotage at the Moon Circus

Sabotage at the Moon Circus

Original title : Sabotage au Cirque de la Lune
Publisher : PERA
Collection : The Circle of Investigators
Author : Sébastien Dhooge
Illustrator/Photographer : Laurent Libessart
Age : 9+
Category : Gamebooks
Format : Paperback
Pages : 62 + map and 6 cards
148 x 204 cm
9.50 €

Content : The famous Moon Circus is in town!
March 7th 1920 in Rennes, Britany. The show just started, but a tragic event occurs. I. Luzion, the magician, asks the ringmaster to enter a chest, but he does not reappear! He has completely vanished! Is someone trying to sabotage the show? But above all, where is the ringmaster?
From 9 years-old.

Play with your family or with other children to solve a case!
Something mysterious just happened in front of you. Your mission is to investigate to solve the mystery. As a reader, you are involved in the story, as you play one of the characters! And you might have something to hide… Collect evidence by exploring the crime scene. Who is guilty? It appears it might be someone you are playing with… Will you find who it is? Or will he/she be able to escape?
For the whole family. From 3 to 6 players.

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