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Pera Editions is a young publishing house created in 2017. They publish books for all the children that love to play, learn, and change things around them little by little.

Behind the creation of the first collection in 2017 was the desire to transport children to the heart of fiction, thanks to the experience of the investigation party. The publisher wanted to promote autonomy and collaboration, to seek the quality of stories and illustrations. “The Circle of Investigators” collection was born.

Pera continues its adventure in 2019 with the same desire: to imagine collections that help children growing up, by giving them experiences that make them open to the world. “40 Challenges to Protect the Planet” is part of this approach, which is based on the conviction that it is by playing and acting that things are changed, little by little.

With “Mrs. Com’Com’s Adventures” (first volume) published in January 2021, the publishing house takes children and their families to a new playground, that of interpersonal communication. Mrs. Com'Com has a mission: to give children the tools to communicate better.

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