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Korea - Calm Morning, Work in the Fields

Korea - Calm Morning, Work in the Fields

Original title : Corée - Matin Calme, Travail aux champs
Publisher : Akinomé
Collection : Little Travel Diaries
Author : Laura Dilé
Illustrator/Photographer : Laura Dilé
Format : Paperback with flaps
Pages : 112
155 x 205 mm
14.90 €

Content : Words and colours of a travelling painter.
This collection explores a unique and original aspect of a country through the eyes of an artist.

Far from the tourist circuits, Laura Dilé shares the story of her trip to South Korea with readers. The first part tells readers about the great plunge in Seoul, the new language, the discovery of the culture, before leaving the city. The second part recounts her work in organic farms in exchange for room and board (called wwoofing). From farm to farm, in the heart of the Korean countryside, she paints the quietness, architecture and work in the fields, but also gastronomy, music and traditions.

The sixth book of a successful series: spotlight on endearing and authentic encounters, traditions, the country through the daily lives of locals.

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