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Lola Has Two Houses
Lola Has Two Houses
Lola Has Two Houses

Lola Has Two Houses

Original title : Lola a deux maisons
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Mika and Zouzou
Author : Laurence Dudek
Illustrator/Photographer : Stéphanie Rubini
Age : 3-5
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 24
150 x 154 mm
5.95 €

Content : Every Tuesday, Mika take her after-school snack at her friend Lola's: once at her dad's, once at her mom's, because Lola has two houses.
Lola's dad makes pancakes. Lola's mom has a rabbit and a kitten.
And both love Lola, each in his house.

Mika and Zouzou: Benevolent stories, specially designed by educational psychologist Laurence Dudek, to guide children from 3 to 5 years old and their parents in the first learnings of life.

With this book, gently approach the different family models.

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