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Poo on the Potty
Poo on the Potty
Poo on the Potty

Poo on the Potty

Original title : Caca sur le pot !
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Mika and Zouzou
Author : Laurence Dudek
Illustrator/Photographer : Stéphanie Rubini
Age : 0-3
Category : Board books
Format : Board book
Pages : 12
145 x 145 mm
5.50 €

Content : Learn how to poo on the potty with Mika and her cuddly toy Zouzou! The only thing left is to flush the toilet... And that's it!

Children will learn many things thanks to Mika and her cuddle-toy Zouzou!
Benevolent stories, specially designed by educational psychologist Laurence Dudek, to support children from 0 to 3 years old and their parents in the first learnings of life.

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