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Atlas of Mythical Roads
Atlas of Mythical Roads
Atlas of Mythical Roads
Atlas of Mythical Roads

Atlas of Mythical Roads

Original title : Atlas des routes mythiques
Collection : Atlas
Author : Arnaud Goumand
Category : Photo books
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 256
230 x 297 mm
34.90 €

Content : Let’s go on a trip around the world in 80 itineraries. An exciting and inspiring journey!

Road 66 in the United States has become a legend, the Silk Roads tell stories of trade, maritime explorations have opened up unknown paths. And then there are these unusual itineraries, these ice roads, vertiginous ledges, breath-taking landscapes or historic paths ... Through jungles, deserts and mountains or over the centuries, go on a trip around the world in 80 itineraries, an exciting and inspiring journey illustrated by exceptional photographs and maps.

This 256 pages book is divided in 8 chapters:
• The roads to discoveries: the story of the greatest explorers of the History.
• Unusual roads: an ice path, a sand road, the most dangerous road, the hottest, the longest, etc.
• Panoramic crossings: to travel at the centre of a stunning landscape.
• Paths to glory… or to exile: conquests and defeats, these roads made their marks on History and territories.
• Initiatory trip: From Ulysses' Odysseus to Hippy trail.
• Toward richness: From the conquest of the West to the Silk Road, some trade roads created bounds between countries and regions.
• Destination holidays: dream-like destinations, including national 7, road 66 and Orient express.
• Sport and adventure journey: paved way of the Paris-Roubaix or the Route du Rhum sailing race, all the roads and journeys lead to surpassing oneself.

Rights sold: German language.

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