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Atlas of Lost Treasures
Atlas of Lost Treasures
Atlas of Lost Treasures
Atlas of Lost Treasures

Atlas of Lost Treasures

Original title : Atlas des trésors disparus
Collection : Atlas
Author : Ophelie Chavaroche
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 256
230 x 297 mm
34.90 €

Content : We will never find the Holy Grail nor the Eldorado. Nevertheless, we might find again the Van Gogh painting stolen in the Netherlands during Covid-19 epidemic. A little less famous, a Chinese encyclopaedia – the most important one before the invention of Wikipedia – disappeared during a fire in 1900. And a forest full of cypresses was engulfed in Alabama, whereas it could hide a priceless pharmacological treasure. Some of these treasures reappear, such as the Codex by Leonardo da Vinci, which was in fact badly quoted at Madrid National Library.
This fully illustrated book contains numerous photos, maps and plans. Around 80 treasures lost during the past centuries can be discovered in this book.
• Missing Masterpieces: on the path to the most precious paintings stolen in the world.
• Engulfed Treasures: engulfed cities, sea-wracks eroded with time, treasures still at the bottom of the ocean…
• The Impossible Treasure Hunts: where is the Eldorado? Where is the Treasure Island?
• Jewels from another World: these antic wonders that became legends.
• Ashes and Dust: tragic destructions, from the great library of Alexandria to Notre-Dame in Paris.
• Sacrificed Nature: or how the treasure that is biodiversity becomes poorer every day a little more.

Rights sold: German language.

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