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Grandparents - 10 keys to fully play your role!

Grandparents - 10 keys to fully play your role!

Original title : Grands-parents - 10 clés pour jouer pleinement votre rôle !
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Parenting - 10 Keys
Author : Grands-Parents Magazine
Category : Parenting
Format : Paperback
Pages : 128
110 x 165 mm
6.90 €

Content : Being a parent is already magical! So when one day you learn that you are going to become a grandparent, such a great moment! No doubt you are already wondering what you are going to call yourself, what your role will be, how to manage this new status... Either way, you are certainly overwhelmed by an extraordinary feeling that makes you gaga and which will only increase over time. Because every day spent with your grandchild will strengthen your relationship and give him/her an immense sense of security.

This book contains:
- Insights into the role and position of the grandparent within the family structure.
- A multitude of effective and proven tips that complement these 10 keys to enrich your relationship with your grandchildren and your own children.

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