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Parents of Twins

Parents of Twins

Original title : Parents de jumeaux
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Parenting - 10 Keys
Author : Sophie Kernen
Category : Parenting
Format : Paperback
Pages : 128
110 x 165 mm
6.90 €

Content : Congratulations, you have just found out that you are expecting twins! Yes, you are undoubtedly facing a real emotional tsunami, yes, your life will doubly change and yes, you will have to deal with the somewhat excessive reactions of those around you. But good news: you are not alone! Sophie Kernen, creator of the jumeauxandco website and (of course) mother of twins, has concocted this little guide with her best advice to help you better understand twinning and live this incredible adventure peacefully!

This book contains:
- Insights into the types and causes of twinning;
- A multitude of effective and proven tips to live your pregnancy well, prepare your equipment, and organize your new family life.

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