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Support your Teenager
Support your Teenager

Support your Teenager

Original title : Accompagner son adolescent
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Parenting - 10 Keys
Author : Florence Millot
Category : ! NEW !, Parenting
Format : Paperback
Pages : 128
110 x 165 mm
6.90 €

Content : Time of adolescence that you dreaded so much has just begun. Your child slams the doors, locks himself in his room and hangs on his phone for hours... You try to keep calm, but no longer understand what is happening: your little one, who cuddled you, who needed you so much, begins to distance himself and blames you for anything and everything. So what can you do? How can you best support your teenager? How to deal with his crises and choices?

This book contains:
- Insights into this delicate time, its challenges, its difficulties and its opportunities;
- A multitude of effective and proven tips that complement these 10 keys to support your teenager in this decisive transition period.

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