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Leo, Up There
Leo, Up There
Leo, Up There

Leo, Up There

Original title : Léo Là-haut
Author : Melody Kedadouche
Illustrator/Photographer : Adam Rosier
Age : 4+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 36
170 x 232 mm
14.00 €

Content : I love watching up there, the wind or the birds.

And then observe the children playing, laughing or shouting.

But school and its noises in the corridors, I don't like that.

It's like the smell of coffee during the break, I don't like it at all.

My favorite thing at school is Panther, the wild cat.

A poetic encounter with an atypical child full of imagination.
A beautiful story by a concerned author, inspired by her childhood memories and her job as a psychomotor therapist. Illustrated by a musician with his head in the moon.

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