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Original title : Papita
Author : Chloé Vivarès
Illustrator/Photographer : Lucie Dessertine
Age : 5+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 36
210 x 165 mm
15.00 €

Content : Since Granny died, Grandpa has become Papita.
I should not say that, but now she is my favorite grandmother.

Granpa has become Papita. A boon for his granddaughter who discovers a new original and sympathetic grandmother.
Together, they are living the great life! They often go to the beach and while the little girl is playing in the waves, Papita is making crosswords, cigar in mouth, under his beach umbrella...

While transidentity is almost never represented in youth literature, this book offers a funny and positive story, where the dramatic tension is not what is expected.

Chloé Vivarès is an author and actress, recently graduated from the master in literary creation at the Paris 8 university, directed by Olivia Rosenthal. Papita is her first children's story published.

Lucie Dessertine graduated from a Fine Art School in France. She illustrates games and children’s books. More than 20 have been published by famous French publishing houses such 404, Hachette, Fleurus or Mango.

October 2023 update: This book is selected in the preliminary list for the "Prix des libraires du Québec 2024", in the 6-11 year old category, outside Quebec. The finalists will be known in November, and the winners in February.
This award has been organized since 1994 by the Association of Booksellers of Quebec (ALQ) and "recognizes works which have marked the imagination of booksellers through their originality and literary quality".

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