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My Name is Julie
My Name is Julie
My Name is Julie

My Name is Julie

Original title : Je m'appelle Julie
Author : Caroline Fournier
Illustrator/Photographer : Laurier The Fox
Age : 5+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 36
170 x 232 mm
14 €

Content : Tomorrow is a very special back to school day for Julie, because it is the first with her new first name... People thought Julie was a boy. Of course not! But tomorrow is still a long way off. And today, Julie has a mission.
Taking advantage of her last day of vacation in her garden, Julie is going to revisit her favorite disguises. Accompanied by Golden Arrow, her winged dragon, Julie forges her heroism with each of her inventions. Pirate, she knows how to sail against the tide. Witch, she can get rid of bad spells. As Queen, Julie is beautiful and strong, ready to gallop towards the end of her mission: to be Julie, free as the wind.

A book recommended by Amnesty International :
“Subtle and sensitive, Julie's story is about the need we all have to be respected in our identity. A need that is also a right.”

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