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Are You Hungry?
Are You Hungry?
Are You Hungry?
Are You Hungry?
Are You Hungry?

Are You Hungry?

Original title : Est-ce que tu as faim ?
Author : Grace Ly
Illustrator/Photographer : Mélody Ung
Age : 5+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 36
170 x 230 mm
15.00 €

Content : Like every Wednesday, Anna-Yi spends the day with Grandma and eat a delicious lunch. But today it will be a special menu because Anna-Yi is celebrating her sixth birthday! Grandma even has a surprise in store for her...
“Are you hungry? is what Grandma always asks Anna-Yi. It is her way of saying "I love you". The little girl realizes that her grandmother does a lot of things in her own way: she mixes several languages, she kisses through the nose... But above all, she prepares delicious secret recipes! Together they share the richest language in the world.

Grace Ly is a French writer and journalist. She is famous for her feminist and anti-racist work. She works mainly for the visibility of people Asian-descendants. She published Jeune Fille Modèle / Model Girl with Fayard, but Are you Hungry? is her first book written for children. A very personal story since, as in the story, her Grandma never said "I love you“ but always asked “Are you hungry?".

French illustrator Mélody Ung particularly enjoys telling stories through her creations, as well as highlighting her Vietnamese origins. Her graphic universe mixes digital and traditional drawing, with colored pencils. She illustrated La Cuisine Vietnamienne / Vietnamese Cuisine for Mango Editions. Are you Hungry? is her first picture book for children.

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