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You, Parent

You, Parent

Original title : Vous, parent
Publisher : HATIER
Collection : Parenting - Parents' Side
Author : Dr. Arnault Pfersdorff
Category : Parenting
Format : Paperback
Pages : 320
155 x 223 mm
22.00 €

Content : “As a pediatrician, I find myself in a privileged vantage point thanks to the trust of parents. I am a bit like “part of the family”. So, I see the child growing up and his parents with him. At a time when subjects are multiplying as well as approaches, when knowledge is improving, the fact remains that the essential actor is you, the parent!”

Starting from the observation that being a parent does not only consist in educating a child, in this new book Arnault Pfersdorff listens to all those who share their doubts and difficulties with him. Because being a parent means combining daily family, intimate, professional and school lives, all these spheres that revolve around the parent-child link.
This is the originality of his approach: starting from the parent and not the child to address his questions.

How, as a parent, can you live well with yourself and with others? And above all, how do you know how to listen to yourself and trust yourself?

- 76 questions divided around the essential themes of everyday life: our most intimate questions about our position as a parent, the couple, the grandparents, family relationships, friends, the medical world, early childhood and education stakeholders until high school.

- A sincere approach that tackles the most delicate subjects without taboos, in a benevolent and complete way: everyone will find the answers to their difficulties.

- An effective treatment that allows pleasant reading thanks to an airy text with intertitles, exergues and mini-summaries.

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