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Kwanita - The Bison’s Tear
Kwanita - The Bison’s Tear
Kwanita - The Bison’s Tear
Kwanita - The Bison’s Tear

Kwanita - The Bison’s Tear

Original title : Kwanita, La larme du bison
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Olivier Pog
Illustrator/Photographer : Marianne Alexandre
Age : 5+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
220 x 290 mm
16.00 €

Content : Jim and his father - an itinerant breeder – accompany the herd to the plains of the West. Following their encounter with the Titunwan tribe, Jim will ask himself questions on the appearance of a young boy: Kwanita. Later he will learn that Kwanita has healing skills.

A western for children, fighting against prejudices.

Olivier Pog came to writing through songwriting and after applied Arts studies. He writes children’s
picture books, but is interested also in other media. He draws his inspiration from children themselves – for whom he organizes events in libraries – little things from life, comics, cinema… He lives and works in Brittany. With Des Ronds dans l’O, he published A Kingdom and Mr. Pic is Mean.

After studying graphic design at the Superior School of Applied Arts of Burgundy (2001-2005) and an experience as an artistic director in Paris (2006-2009), Marianne Alexandre devotes herself entirely to illustration and then to comics (Lothaire Flamme - Jungle). She lives in Angouleme.

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