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Original title : Azadeh
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Oliver Pog
Illustrator/Photographer : Parastou Haghi
Age : 6+
Category : Picture Books 6+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 36
195 x 260 mm
15.50 €

Content : The Iranian girl passionate about football!

Azadeh is Iranian. She is passionate about football but in her country, girls can only assist to female matches, and boys to male matches.

Azadeh will use tricks to live her passion despite everything!

And when it is her turn to be on the field with her girl team, she is the best and nobody can stop her!

A feminist and humanist book, based on a true story.
This picture book is highlighting the struggle of Iranian women in their fight for their independence, freedom and equality between men and women. Sport is an important issue.

Olivier Pog came to writing through songwriting and after applied Arts studies. He writes children’s picture books, but is interested also in other media. He draws his inspiration from children themselves – for whom he organizes events in libraries – little things from life, comics, cinema… He lives and works in Brittany. With Des Ronds dans l’O, he published A Kingdom, Mr. Pic is Mean and The Tokela Fox, illustrated by Marianne Alexander and nominated for the Incorruptibles awards in 2019.

Parastou Haghi was born in Iran in 1986. She is a painter and an illustrator. She obtained her master's degree in visual and media Arts in Canada.
She has illustrated around thirty children’s picture books so far, with different publishing houses. Today, Parastou lives in Iran.

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