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Mona’s Tiger
Mona’s Tiger
Mona’s Tiger
Mona’s Tiger

Mona’s Tiger

Original title : Le tigre de Mona
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Gwénola Morizur
Illustrator/Photographer : Anna Conzatti
Age : 4+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
200 x 260 mm
13.50 €

Content : Recently moved to a retirement home, Mona is bored. Until the day when she takes in her little room a tiger that escaped from the zoo. Mona and her tiger get fast inseparable and the grandmother finds her smile and her sociability back.
The dining room fills with animal life and memories. But will Mona be able to keep such a big animal in a retirement house ? Adults do not seem to care about this intruder, who only shows itself when Mona’s grand-daughter, Inès, comes to visit her...
If all the retirement homes were filled with animals, would the residents find the smile again?

A funny story to deal with a difficult subject: Alzheimer's disease and also with retirement homes.

Gwénola Morizur is an author and a screenwriter. She explores the worlds of comics, poetry and
children’s books. She frequently meets readers in schools, book fairs and festivals. She received the FNAC/France Inter Award in 2019 for the album Nos Embellies and the Artemisia Award in 2018, documentary category for the album Bleu Pétrole.

Designer navigating between comics, illustrations, exhibitions, residences and drawn reports, Anna
Conzatti is also an active member of Maison Fumetti, an association in Nantes working for the development of comics and graphic arts. She received the Plaisir de lire 2018 Award for the children’s book Crab Island.

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