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The Tree of Speech
The Tree of Speech
The Tree of Speech
The Tree of Speech

The Tree of Speech

Original title : L'arbre à palabres
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Remedium
Illustrator/Photographer : Remedium
Age : 6+
Category : Picture Books 6+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 32
220 x 290 mm
16.00 €

Content : Planted more than eight hundred years ago, the old baobab tells its story.
A whole village has been built around it and it has become the tree of speech, at the foot of which women and men meet, laugh, discuss and make important decisions.
Symbol of freedom of speech, it is the main enemy of sinister characters who, one day, decide to attack the village to rush it into the night.

A book about freedom of speech, published in partnership with Amnesty International.

Remedium, real name Christophe Tardieux, was born in 1981. He grew up and lives in Seine-Saint-Denis. He chose to become a school teacher in this department in 2005. He is a committed comic book author. He experiments with various styles in his stories published in fanzines and on the internet. He is the author of: The dark tales of the breaker’s yard’s dog (Des ronds dans l’O 2017), The child who did not want to learn to read (Des ronds dans l’O 2018) and Study Case (Les Equateurs 2020).

English text available.

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