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Mina is a Bird
Mina is a Bird
Mina is a Bird
Mina is a Bird

Mina is a Bird

Original title : Mina est un oiseau
Publisher : Des Ronds dans l'O
Author : Emma Robert
Illustrator/Photographer : Gwendal Blondelle
Age : 6+
Category : Picture Books 6+
Format : Hard cover
Pages : 28
200 x 260 mm
13.50 €

Content : Mina is little girl different from the others. As an autistic child, she takes us to the heart of what she lives, what she feels and invites the reader to better understand her.

This simple text allows a delicate approach on autism.

Emma Robert was born in 1979 in Paris suburbs. From 2014, she publishes children’s picture books with Jacques Flament Editions, Gautier-Languereau, Dyozol or even Mouck. She also published The Monkey King with Des Ronds dans l’O.

Gwendal Blondelle was born in 1977. Besides an A-level in applied Arts, he also received training in academic drawing, then in comics, in traditional animation, and finally in cartoon storyboard and
mockup at the CNBDI in Angouleme. In addition to illustrating children's books, Gwendal also works for a company specialized in online video games. He has published a dozen picture books with Alice Editions, La Martinière Jeunesse, etc...

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